20-21 Teacher of the Year!
TOY Felan

A Huge Congratulations to our MJS Teacher of the Year!

Mrs. Olga Felan

I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington.  In my 27 year career, I have taught in five school districts.  I have had the pleasure of teaching grades second, third, fourth, and sixth.  When I started  teaching in Mansfield in 2003, 18 years ago, I knew this would be my home.  I am now an ESL specialist and I enjoy teaching students in grades Kinder to fourth.  I am truly blessed as I have the opportunity to teach reading and writing all day to sweet boys and girls.  

One of my favorite things about teaching is hearing a student say, “I love reading because of you Mrs. Felan,”  because that’s when I realize I have made a positive impact on a student.